21 December 2016


A couple of months ago, my daughter asked if I could teach her how to knit. There's a couple of problems with this, one being that my energetic eight year old has the concentration levels of, well, of an energetic eight year old. The other being that my knitting skills are not what you'd call skills!

I do like a challenge though (and getting 'lil miss to sit still for learning will definitely be a challenge!) - and Fenetic Wellbeing have helped set us on our way with some super new knitting equipment and some great motivation.

As part of their newest campaign #MerryKnitmas, Fenetic Wellbeing are looking at ways of keeping folk warm over these cold winter months. Older people are particularly vulnerable at this time of year and knitted accessories are a great way to keep warm! At this time of year you can kill two birds with one stone - by keeping your loved ones nice and toasty, and earning gift-giving brownie points by providing lovely hand-made presents to your nearest and dearest!

I love hand-made presents, and despite having no discernible crafting talent, have still managed to put together a little something for my favourites each year. The key, I realise, is not that you have to be great at knitting/baking/sewing/whatever . . . you just have to be better than the person you are gifting to!

Though if I ever want to make it a totally home-made Christmas, I need to get a few more tricks up my sleeve! Everyone's had scarves, and hats, and blankets,..  and more chocolates, biscuits and cakes than you can shake a stick at (sure, the baked things wont keep you warm per say, but cake makes you happy, which makes you feel warm and fuzzy? Or at the very least, they go down a treat with a nice warming cup of tea!) so I really need to expand my repertoire! Luckily, Fenetic Wellbeing have once again come to my rescue with this hand little video on how to knit your very own Christmas stocking!

Now I know what everyone's getting next year!

* In collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing

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  1. Hehe that kit looks really cool - knitting seems like such a fun hobby. Just don't think I have the patience/hand-eye co-ordination for it!


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