11 January 2017

On Adulting

Last week was my 36th birthday. Which means I've officially been an adult for over half of my life. I also had chocolate biscuits for breakfast this morning while watching cartoons in my harry potter pj's. Being an adult is not what people think it is.

In a recent poll by Tangerine Confectionary, it has been revealed that most people wouldn't consider themselves an adult until the grand old age of 33. I suspect this poll may have ben made up largely of 28 year olds hoping that they might have themselves together in five years.

The truth, I think, is that the line between adult and non-adult is a lot less defined than we've been led to believe.

I have two children and a mortgage. I'm a company director. I know about corporation tax and complete VAT returns. I have a pension. And there are a lot of people like me - people who an OK job of pretending to know what they're doing. But when no one is looking, when all the important 'adult' jobs are done, we all love nothing more than reverting to the happy comforts of childhood.

My hope of immaturity have been vastly aided recently by the good folks at Sweet Champions, who have sent me a grand little 'Kidulting Pack'. The sweeties sent me straight back to my childhood - I didn't even know some of these still existed (I haven't seen a 'mojo' in about 25 years!)

Christmas time gave me a great opportunity to step away from adulting.  Not only is it more acceptable to live on sweets than any other time of the year, its also totally ok to get excited about presents and cover everything in glitter. Most importantly though, is the amount of time 'off' I have from the usual adulting duties!

We shut down at work between Christmas and New Year, so I had a whole week and a bit away from worrying about receipts and timesheets and other boring bits of paper. The kids were off school, so I didn't even have to think about clean uniforms or making sure homework is done.

I had such a wonderful week of hanging out with my favourite people, gorging on sugary goodies and not worrying about bills.

Sadly though, all good things come to an end and I've been back at work so long it doesn't even feel like I was ever away! Thankfully if it all gets too much, I can dip into my 'done adulting' kit, eat sweets and colour in 'til I feel better!

Had enough of being a grown up? You can win yourself a full kidulting kit too - help and encouragement for when you need to adult, sugar and distractions for when you've finished! Just enter below!

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  1. I didn't really feel like I was an adult until I was 28...I regret not making the most of the "youthful" days now!

  2. Christmas feels like a good time to switch off from adulting for me too, and I wish more of us did it all year round! I hate the expectation that being a responsible adult means life has to be boring

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

  3. I can't even say what age you turn into an adult. It's a bit sad that it's a thing and it makes me even sadder when I see people fretting about turn anything from between 25-35. So what. It's just a number! Some people say having kids makes you an adult.. However I disagree. I mean, I obviously look after my child, but I also am a child when I'm with him. They just bring that out of you and I love it.
    Christmas was and always is a fab time for me too. :)

    Here's to not adulting!


  4. I think the late 20ies (saturn return) is the real thing...
    xx finja | www.effcaa.com


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