22 October 2017

Emily's Scottish Holidays Diary - Day One

Since I have been an absolutely horrible blogger of late, I'm passing responsibility of writing up our Scottish adventures to my dear daughter miss Emily. She's already written up her holiday journal and not only will typing up her thoughts be much quicker that organising and writing up my own, but I think she's done a grand job of capturing the spirit of our trip. So, without further ado, I shall pass you over to the little lady....

Day One

Woke up early today because it was time to go to Scotland so I shoved on my dungarees (which I packed yesterday) over my checked red shirt and raced my brother Harry to the car. When we got in the car Mum asked us what we want for breakfast so I said McDonalds. The closest one was in Kendal but when we got there McDonalds was shut. So I was a bit disappointed because I wanted a McDonalds pancake and syrup, but there was a place called Booths Café which also had that so we had breakfast there. My mum had a bacon sandwich, harry had pancakes, berries and yoghurt, KC had crisps because he's a vegan but us three had hot chocolate and marshmallows with cream except me I don't like cream.

In a bit we drove to Scone Palace. When we got there I opened the café door and there was tonnes of cake. My favourite was the Malteser Cake. My mum ate a scone. The scones were fabulous but I don't like scones so I did not eat one. My least favourites are cheese scones and then its cherry scones.

Also we saw some Highland cows (Heilan Coos) and it was love at first site. I loved the baby one and I stroked its fringe and I touched the adult ones horns. Not to forget we were in a maze but it was pouring it down, also known as raining cats and dogs. We never found the other end. We could have bathed for a month with all the rain.

At night we had a large carvery and stayed in Travelodge at number 2034.

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