29 October 2017

Why Winter Sun holidays just make more sense....

One of my work colleagues is off this week, having taken himself and his family down to his favourite spot in Cornwall on holiday.

Don't get me wrong - I love the look of Cornwall, and all reports tell me its a beautiful place to visit. I'd make the drive for the clotted cream alone. But not in November!

This interesting holiday decision has been the starting off point for many an-office discussion this week about appropriate-weather destinations for holidays and the benefits of jetting off to the sunshine Vs staying closer to home. Infinitely more interesting that usual office talk of deadlines and margins and bills!

One guys' top choice of a couple of July weeks in Turkey annually came with tales of temperatures so high they made me crave shade and ice cream even from my chilly Yorkshire office, and stories of Spain's sweltering summers don't do anything for me either. See, I think they've got it all backwards - surely the best time to go seeking the sun is Winter? 

In the summer, the holiday options are pretty limitless. I've said I wouldn't fancy Cornwall in November - - but June? Sounds lovely! We've had a great time on our last couple of Summer trips to Scotland - would I want to visit again in January? No I would not. 

The British summer weather is just fine with me - sure it's not guaranteed to be hot, or dry but it will usually at least be light out, and the rain doesn't usually last for too long. Certainly nothing I feel the need to run away from at any rate. 

But the winter is a different thing altogether! People can romanticise pretty snow-covered winter walks as much as they like but that vary rarely reflects the reality of a British winter, which is much more likely to cold, wet, dark and miserable. 

THAT's when I need a sunny holiday. When I haven't seen daylight for a week because its dark when I get to work in a morning and dark again when I leave - when I need to buy boots in a size bigger than I need so I can fit three pairs of socks on under them, when I practically live in a hot bath because it's the only thing that can make me feel actually warm. THAT is the perfect time to jet off to Tenerife for a bit of R'n'R, or to catch some rays on the beaches of Cape Verde. 

Winter sun holidays just make more sense - and as it starts to get darker in the evenings, and the cold starts to creep in,... I know where I'd rather be (and it's not Cornwall!)

* Incentivised post, but you know I'm right! 


  1. I so agree - that last couple of years I've holidayed around October/November which is so ideal as the weather starts to turn in the UK.
    I can definitely see the appeal of a winter escape after Christmas and having something to look forward to. :)

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