1 March 2018

Creative Crafts for Leftover Materials

Howdy! I know, its been a while - I've been a terrible blogger here of late (and by 'of late' I mean the last year and a half or so), and I'm no better today as I've not actually written a post.... but I DO have one here to read! My guest poster has put together some really fun ways of re-using spare materials to avoid waste and create fun and unique items for the home - without further ado, I'll hand you over:

In this post we’re tackling one of many peoples’ biggest pet hates: wastage. For both economic and environmental reasons, it’s a shame to waste products that are still usable and in good nick just because they aren’t needed for their original use. Rather than throwing away unused leftovers, there are some nifty ways to put them to best use. Here’s our favourites:

1. Make a picture frame out of leftover wood flooring

When you buy wood flooring, it’s not uncommon to be left with excess once you’ve covered your room. This can of course come in very handy for repairs – especially if you’ve got engineered wood flooring, which uses a tongue and groove system that makes for a fairly simple replacement. However, if you’re left with more than you need, why not try making a bespoke picture frame out of the leftover wood. It will go perfectly with your room’s style, and is a great way to ensure none of the excess wood is wasted. After all, a new wood floor can be a sizable investment. The last thing you want is to throw money down the drain.

See this DIY guide to learn how to make your own!

2. Use leftover fabric to create this cute dreamcatcher

If you often find yourself using fabric, be it in upholstering or creating designs professionally (or for fun!), you’ll know the struggle of always having a tiny bit of fabric left over at the end. Rather than throwing these away, save them up until you’ve got a stash of different colours and styles. These extra pieces of fabric can be put to good use to add the finishing touches to a decorative dreamcatcher. It looks great in any bedroom, and it’s likely to go with most designs due to the differing styles of fabric you’re using.

Learn how to make the dreamcatcher here.

3. Create zipper cases from old plastic bottles

In modern times, we’d hope that most people are environmentally conscious enough to recycle their plastic. If you’re looking for a more creative use for leftover bottles, you can create quirky zipper cases for holding stationery. Not only that, there’s no sewing required! This DIY mini-project is best left to the sturdier plastic bottles, though. You can mix and match the colour zippers you decide to use and, because they’re so cheap, you can make loads to hold more than just stationery. You’re only limited by the size of the bottle you decide to use!

Make them yourself here.

4. Recycle old pallets into a vertical garden

We’re heading into spring 2018 – although someone needs to tell the weather! As the time for flowers arrives and we head back into our gardens to assess the damage and begin to regrow, using old pallets is a great way to build a vertical garden that looks amazing. It’s really simple to do as well, so you won’t have to spend hours to get the final result.

Follow this tutorial to make your own pallet garden.

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  1. Very Inspiring post, thinking about how to turn my leftover materials to useful products . Thanks for the incite.


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