Ringtons Tea and the Blogger Holiday

Ringtons Tea and the Blogger Holiday

It will probably come as no surprise that when we planned the Blogger Holiday, one of my main concerns was making sure we had a good source of tea.

Thankfully the lovely folk at Ringtons kindly sent us not only a fab stash of teabags, but some amazing biscuits to go with – after all, holiday tea isn’t really holiday tea without biscuits!

When I went to go make the first pot of the weekend, I noticed that the Ringtons packet said the contents were ‘two cup tea bags’, so I thought I’d test this claim by just using three bags in our six-cup pot. I can only say that I was hugely impressed by the result which was tasty and delicious – it certainly didn’t feel like I’d been tight with the tea!

It probably goes without saying that the biscuits went down very well, but I’ll say it anyway! We received a great little selection of Ginger Snaps, Triple Chocolate Cookies and Rhubarb Crumble Cookies, that were all delicious – and I don’t even like rhubarb! Sadly the chocolatey ones vanished all too quickly, but we managed to keep some of the ginger snaps about all the way to Sunday evening where they made a tasty addition to our home made sundaes!

The idea was to have a big afternoon tea party one afternoon but though we meant well I don’t think we were ever that organised! Despite all the baking stuff we took wit us I only managed to cobble together one semi-respectable cake (covered in strawberries and cream to disguise the burnt bits shhhhhh!) but can try again next time!

There’s a huge range of teas, coffees, biscuits and other yummy things available from Ringtons and they deliver right to your door! I think I’m going to want one goody boxes every time I go away!

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