Afternoon Tea, Malmaison Leeds

Afternoon Tea, Malmaison Leeds

It’s not often this year I’ve made time for afternoon tea at places not on the Yorkshire Tea Trail list that I’ve promised myself I’d complete…. but I don’t want to ignore some of the other wonderful tea places the region has to offer. When I saw a deal come up for tea at the Malmaison Hotel in Leeds on Livingsocial it seemed like a great opportunity to drag a couple of my fave local ladies out for cake!

So one wet and windy day a couple of weeks ago I met up with Hayley, Michelle and Jess and we headed to the hotels elegant Brasserie to eat, drink, and be merry!

There were a couple of different options available when booking the deal, and we opted for the fancier version – a glass of champagne each to accompany our afternoon tea!

It wasn’t long before the gorgeous slate cake stands carrying our goodies were brought over – and I was very excited to see the fairly hefty-sized choux buns, mmmm! But obviously, being good girls, we ate the sandwiches first!

The sandwich selection was egg mayonnaise, smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber, and ham. I can only speak for the latter two, as I’ve mentioned before my dislike for both salmon and egg mayonnaise (which of course you always seem to get with these things!), but the ones I had were really good.

The low lighting, while very pretty and atmospheric, did cause a slight problem when it came to sandwich identification – I’ll never forget the look on poor Hayley’s face when she realised the ham sandwich she’d taken a bite of was actually salmon – looks like I’m not the only one not keen on it!

The scones were adorable . . . which is my friendly way of saying they were tiny. They were really good though, a perfect sconey consistency and texture,.. just ‘petite’. I’d have been more bothered by this is we weren’t all stuffed by the end of the session but as it was I don’t think we quite finished everything so really can’t complain! The amount of clotted cream we were given wasn’t what I’d call generous either though…

But soon enough it was time for the cakes! Always my favourite part, and this little selection didn’t disappoint! There were two of the little brownie fingers each (more than enough to make up for mini-scones!) and they were rich, moist and delicious! I’m not quite sure what the little tart was, some kind of gooey nutty thing? Really good, whatever it is! But as expected when I first saw the stand, it was the chocolatey pile of cream, barely held together by soft sweet choux pastry that was my favourite. It seems almost cheating that you can pretty much make anything amazing by filling it with fresh cream but it works for me!

One of the best things about visiting the Mal for afternoon tea, besides the cream-filled cakes, is the convenient city centre location. I’ve visited a whole bunch of lovely afternoon-tea serving hotels this last six months or so but very few of them would be so easy to get to without access to a car. Definitely one to consider if you fancy a treat in the city!

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