Cross View Tea Rooms, Richmond

Cross View Tea Rooms, Richmond

A couple of weeks ago we found ourselves in Richmond, where I was able to manage another tea place of my Yorkshire Tea Trail list (convenient, no?) It was a surprisingly busy Sunday afternoon and we were lucky the Cross View Restaurant & Tea Rooms could squeeze us in on the promise we ate quickly, as the table was booked for not long after!

It deed seem like a popular place indeed, though it was quickly apparent why – as well as a tasty and good-value menu, the place was adorable and the staff impeccably lovely, always taking time out to chat to the (mostly older) customers despite being busy – I can imagine this in itself is a large reason for many local repeat visits! I particularly liked the inclusion of the list of local suppliers on the back of the menu so you know where everything has come from!

First things first so once we settled down into out seats we ordered a nice big pot of tea to drink while perusing the menu! The menu covers small snacks and sandwiches as well as full meals. My tea-buddy had already set his heart on gammon but I knew I wanted something cakey and wasn’t sure I’d appreciate it after a big meal like that,..

..So I just ordered a cheese and ham baguette, which came with chips and salad. It was plenty big though! Not that I’m at all complaining as it was completely delicious – warm (as you can tell by the melted cheese!) and crusty and full of the juiciest ham and tastiest cheese.

The chips were grand too, just a little handful as a nice accompaniment. I’m terrible at eating the side salads though – I do actually really like salad but I’m not keep on coleslaw or any kind of salad dressing which you nearly always get all over everything. I really should remember to ask for it without the gloopy extras but I never think of it ’til it’s too late!

T’other half was very happy with his gammon, and the little taster I managed to pinch confirmed that it was indeed lovely! He reckons this is one of his favourite places that we’ve visited on the trail so far!

Obviously I needed to finish mine off with a sweet treat, and went for just a classic plain scone with jam and cream (as I remember there was some sort of deal with the tea!), but I was spoiled for choice really . . . they had at least 3 or 4 different kinds of scone alone to choose from! I suppose my ‘plain’ one was probably a fairly boring choice when I could have had one of the grand looking raspberry or cherry ones, but I still thought it was ace! I’m also pretty sure all the scones were Gluten Free too, which I know can be a bit of a deal breaker for many folk!

As well as the scones though there was an absolute wealth of choice in the cake display, definitely something to please everyone!

And we did manage to get everything ordered, cooked, eaten and paid for before the pre-booked table arrived too, so a happy ending for all!

I’d happily recommend a visit to the Cross View Tea Rooms if you are in the area (which you should make sure you are sometime, Richmond is lovely!), but if could be helpful to book in advance!

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