The Potting Shed Spa

The Potting Shed Spa

If you saw Hayley’s review on Tea Party Beauty last week, then you’ll already be aware of, and excited about, The Potting Shed Spa. Even before Hayley’s post went up I’d been won over by her cute twitter pictures and warm words of praise and was eager to check out the adorable looking gardening-themed spa for myself. After a particularly traumatic morning at work I threw myself at their mercy and they kindly managed to squeeze me in last week!

I was more in need of an hour of quiet and relaxation than I was any particular treatment so allowed myself to be guided in the direction of the Deluxe Pedicure – an hours worth of soaking, filing, massaging and polishing for my feet, with a bonus scalp massage – sounded perfect!

I arrived at the spa in Batley, West Yorkshire ready for my appointment, and was so excited to have a good look around – this place is amazing, stunning, beautiful, extraordinary… there’s just not enough words! Instead of cold and sterile, like I imagine many spas to be, this place was so welcoming, so warm and cosy that I felt right at home in no time. To aid my general feeling of well-being, I was swiftly offered a cup of tea – always a good thing to happen – and soon found myself in my comfy, hot-water-bottles chair with a hot mug of The Potting Shed’s signature lemon ginger and honey tea. It’d be worth a return visit just for this sweet and soothing concoction!

I was pointed in the right direction of an impressively huge collection of available polishes. I’m useless so forgot to actually take note of my selected shade but it was a lovely shiny purpley Essie polish that’s still looking shiny and new a good week and a bit later!

The manicure was exquisite – the lovely therapist even managed to work around my ticklish toes without getting cross with me for squirming (or if she did, she hid it well!), she was an absolute gem and I wanted to take her home, especially when she did my scalp massage, oh my, it was heaven!

I never wanted it to be time to leave, so it was really nice that after my hour was up I didn’t have to vacate my cosy seat straight away, I had time to ‘come round’ a bit into the real world and let my prettily painted tootsies dry off. It was nice to not feel like I was being booted out once my paid-for time over was up – just another small addition to the welcoming and relaxing atmosphere of the place.

Still reluctant to be on my way, I gratefully accepted a mini-tour around the rest of the spa – a quick peek into the treatment rooms has definitely increased my interest in spending some quality time in one on my next visit (because there will be a next visit!). In fact there are so many amazing sounding treatments that it’s hard to know what I want next – you can see their treatment list here and I’m sure you’ll be able to understand the conflict I have! Plus how cute are some of the treatment names and descriptions? They make the, er… ‘landscaping’ of the ‘lady garden’ sound as pleasant and painless as tea on the lawn!

It’s these cute details, as well as the care and attention that has gone into the design and decoration of The Potting Shed spa that make it such a unique and special place. And something this unique and special is bound to gather a great deal of attention, as demonstrated by the large amount of awards this place has picked up. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and if you look at it that way I suppose you could argue that the owner of this fab little place should be pleased that it appears competitors are,… well, we’ll go with ‘borrowing heavily from their aesthetic’ (though I’m not sure how welcome this form of flattery is!), but while people can replicate an idea or a look, that passion to create something original and new is not something that can be faked or forced. It’s that passion, that deep desire to provide a really special and unique experience, rather than the gnomes and watering cans, that really make The Potting Shed Spa the outstanding place that it is. Though I do also really like the gnomes. . .

I definitely plan to get back here as soon as possible – next time I just want to book in for the whole day but I’m not sure that’s even vaguely practical! I’m sure the odd hour two will go down nicely though!

You can say hello on twitter and on facebook, and any other details you might want -including a handy online booking system – on the website. If you are anywhere nearby though, I definitely recommend getting yourself booked in as soon as possible!

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