Milkshakes and Waffles at Rakkaposhi, Bradford

Milkshakes and Waffles at Rakkaposhi, Bradford

As a sweet lover, it’s not escaped my attention that new dessert cafes and ice cream parlours are popping up in Bradford faster than I can count. As a ‘responsible parent’, on the other hand, it’s not often I can justify going our for just dessert. On occasion,… exceptions have to be made!

Despite the near limitless choice for such tasty treats in my hometown these days, ’twas Rakkaposhi that we headed to for refreshment. Not only had they been tempting my with photos of their amazing milkshakes on twitter all week, but it’s conveniently located just behind Cineworld, making it an easy post-movie stop off! (Only a stones throw from the Broadway shopping centre too, for refuelling after those exhausting shopping trips!)

The place is a sugar-lovers dream, with very little in the way of ‘real’ food to speak of – no sandwiches, no chips, not a toastie in sight. Instead the menu is full of thick creamy milkshakes, luxurious sounding ice cream sundaes and generously topped waffles. The closest thing they have to ‘savoury’ on there is the range of herbal teas!

And while I’m not usually one to turn down tea, it’s the milkshakes that had got me excited about my visit so it was naturally where I looked first – quickly settling on a ‘Billionaire Shake’ made up of Ferrero Rocher and stracciatella ice creams, Ferrero Rocher chunks, milk chocolate and caramel sauces, and topped with a very healthy (or unhealthy, depending on which way you look at it) serving of cream and hazelnut sprinkles!

It was every bit as delicious and indulgent as it sounds, and worked perfectly as a refreshing beverage and decadent dessert – it would definitely been a struggle to finish this alongside anything else on the menu!

Thankfully my young companion was more than willing to ‘take one for the team’ and eyed up the arriving waffle with glee! No wonder either, the piles of fresh cream, mini marshmallows, chocolate sauce and pretty sprinkles would surely appeal to the child in all of us. Now, I know I just said that I’d have struggled to finish a full dessert along with my milkshake, but there’s always room for ‘testers’, and I did have to have a little forkful to report back on the dense, gooey texture of this unusual but delicious waffle (handmade in store!) Just a forkful though!

As well as it’s handy location, Rakkaposhi is open late (’til midnight on Friday and Saturday, 10pm other nights) making it so much easier to find a time to visit! You can find the full menu on their webpage, and can follow them on twitter here, but make sure you are prepared for the mouth-watering pictures you may find!

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