Don’t Forget the Pancakes….

Don’t Forget the Pancakes….

As you may have noticed, there’s a very special day coming up soon,.. an annual celebration, special to the hearts of folk across the nation. No not Valentines Day, Valentines Day is stupid. This is something way more important, something much more worthy of celebrating,… something a lot tastier!

I do have a terrible confession though. Much as I love pancakes,.. I can’t make them. I do ok with pretty much every other kind of cake… but my pancake attempts are always horrific. So much so that I invariably make an excuse to visit my dad on pancake day, so I can bury myself in his perfectly round, perfectly light, perfectly treacle-covered creations!

There’s nothing more likely to encourage me to practice, practice, practice like a new kitchen gadget though, and I was determined to hone my pancake-making skills in good time for this years big day!

The Breville Traditional Crepe Maker is actually brilliant for idiots like me that can’t work their way around a simple frying pan. The crepe maker is essentially a heated non-stick plate, with a small rim so that -in most cases! – you can contain the pancake batter in a tidy fashion. It also comes with a wooden ‘t-stick’ spreader for full and even coverage across the plate. Just pour the pancake mix onto the heated plate and leave to cook for a couple of minutes before flipping over to cook on the other side.

I know that if I can manage this, there should be no good reason why I cant do exactly the same thing in a frying pan. But I can’t. I don’t know if its the pressure of being expected to do fancy flips or what, but I’ve never managed to make a half way decent looking pancake before. Just a couple of practice runs on this and I had things that actually looked and tasted like pancakes!

Once I’d managed the perfect pancake (or, if not quite perfect yet – at least cooked and round-ish), ’twas time to top it. I’m usually a golden syrup girl through and through but I’d got through so much of the stuff on my ‘practice rounds’ that I just couldn’t face anymore – so out came the gorgeous lemon squeezer and sugar shaker from the At Home with Ashley Thomas range (available at Debenhams).

There’s a lot more that can be made with the Breville Crepe maker than just pancakes – it comes with a recipe book full of great omelette suggestions, and I have all my ingredients ready for tonight’s quesadillas – but mainly I’m just overjoyed at the prospect of putting together a great pancake feast on Tuesday for the kids (from whom I like to believe I’ve so far kept my shameful failures a secret!)

Now I just need all your best filling ideas!

*Items provided free of charge to help me develop basic life skills.

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