Why Are Hoverboards So Popular?

During the last few years heavy safety regulations have been applied to the latest models of hoverboards so that they don’t cause any safety hazards like that of their previous counterparts. With new deep tread tires and advanced self-balancing features, you can move around safely without worry about facing an injury. Many of the new products are made from aircraft-grade alloys that not only make them rugged in nature but they can also withstand a versatile range of external climate conditions. If you are the type of person that likes to listen to music while commuting through the downtown, then you can purchase hoverboards with built-in Bluetooth speakers that let you listen to your favorite songs wherever you are. There is no doubt about the fact that these futuristic gadgets have revolutionized the concept of travelling within the city, and offers an entirely unique experience to the users.

After various celebrity endorsements and social media coverage of hoverboards, it became highly popular among youth all over the world. We have all seen our favorite actors and fashion models travelling through the subway with their hoverboards. Not only does it look really cool, but this mode of transportation is highly cost-effective as well. If you are looking for unbiased reviews about this modern vehicle, then you can check out the full article on the website of Sprouse Bros now for more details.

This might be the key to green commute, as you can limit your carbon emissions on a yearly basis. By reducing the harmful implications to the surrounding environment you would be contributing to the entire society as a responsible citizen. They are also easier on your wallet because of their cheap prices, which means that you can make difference by spending less amount of money.

Fiber Broadband: What You Need to Know

More than 10 million households all over the world have a fiber broadband connection because of its consistency in providing high speed internet. They differ from their traditional counterparts in various ways, such as their connection base and upload speed. Fiber-optic cables are placed underground and through these channels internet signals are sent to corporate buildings and residential properties. There are various types of connection options widely available in the market which includes fiber-to-the-building (FTTB) and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), depending upon the specific needs of the end-users.

Unlike traditional internet connections in which the browsing speed used to get disrupted during the night hours, with this option regardless of the number of active devices you can enjoy superior quality of internet. Now you don’t have to limit the operation of certain electronic gadgets in your household, as now you can keep them turned on without worrying about anchoring down the established connection. If you want to know about cheapest /leverantorer/ options in the market, then you can get authentic information on the website of BredbandFiber BästiTeat now.

The carrier equipment hardwired into the ground is completely different in this modern broadband type as thin tubes are installed. They are around the same width as human hair, and they act as carrier for signals travelling at the speed of light. Due to their narrow radius the light beam bounces off from the inner walls of the tube and increases its momentum.

As these internet signals travel at the speed of light, so you can easily expect to have a broadband connection in your house at a speed up to 350mb. Once you get used to this type of browsing speed you would instantly feel like ditching your outdated cable internet. If it’s available in your postcode, then you should definitely avail this offer.

How to Make Your Garage Door Even Better

If you are strapped for cash while trying to build your dream home, certain aspects can be skipped so that the home can be built granted that you fix them up later on and upgrade them so that you can have a complete home that is worth it in every single way. Getting a cheap garage door is perfectly fine, but as soon as you have the money for it you should work on giving it a bit of a boost so that it can be in line with the quality of the rest of your house.

There are lots of options at your disposal here, but if you want something that is cheap and very effective you should look into weatherproofing your garage door. The primary function of a garage is to keep a car safe from harsh weather, and if the outside temperature is seeping into this sacred sanctum then your car is not getting the kind of protection that it might deserve. Weatherproofing your garage door will keep it insulated, securing the interior temperature at a more or less comfortable that you would have a greater amount of control over. This will make your garage door so much more durable as well since it will not get damaged by incessant rain, snow or other kinds of unnatural weather that might end up surprising you in some way.

A great service provider for a new door that is fully weatherproofed and can sustain a good environment for your precious automobile is Tip Top Garage Doors – Charlotte NC has lots of garage door providers but no one is quite as good as Tip Top. There is a reason that they have a reputation for being as good as they are.

SMILE Eye Surgery – Is It Really The Better Option?

If you’ve been struggling with your vision for all your life up till this point, then laser eye surgery is definitely something you should be considering. Some people aren’t able to do anything about their eyesight but if your eye specialist tells you that you have the option of permanently correcting your vision through laser surgery, then you have cause to rejoice. Some people have gone from being effectively blind without their glasses to be able to see almost twenty-twenty again.

Your vision degrades when your cornea develops too much or too little bit of membrane over it, making it harder for your optical nerves to get a clear message about what you’re seeing. This can result in difficulty focusing on things that are too close or too far. There are two methods of laser eye surgery that are used to correct the membrane over your cornea; SMILE and LASIK.

To sum the lasik vs smile eye surgery debate up; LASIK involves two lasers and the thickening of your cornea membrane by cutting and folding it. SMILE involves a single laser and the extraction of the excess membrane. Basically, LASIK increases the membrane while SMILE decreases it – both are effective in sight correction. However, SMILE is the more preferred method because it has fewer risk if complications.

The flap of membrane made through LASIK can sometimes adversely affect your vision and it’s permanent. SMILE involves a single laser and an incision which allows for the extraction of the excess membrane. This procedure is faster, simpler and has a significantly lesser risk of post-operative complications. SMILE is minimally invasive and is therefore preferable over LASIK. However, if your eye specialist believes that LASIK might help your case better then it’s probably for the better.

Do You Want to Learn Mentalism Tricks?

What if I told you that all those mind reading tricks that you have seen on the TV, could be performed by anyone without having any innate ability? You’d most probably think that it is not possible, but surprisingly it is something that can be learned by performing particular types of mathematical calculations. Even if you hated math subjects in the high school, you can still expect to master the skills of mentalism. Although, during your initial learning period you cannot expect to be like a professional mentalist but after performing several rehearsals you can also become an expert. Because of the fact that you can already predict the outcome of a particular performance, it is not based on any kind of supernatural powers or sources.

Unlike the art of clairvoyance, in which unnatural phenomenon is said to occur, when it comes to mentalism simple type of mathematics is involved. A mentalist never claims to gain their powers from any invisible entity, but they clearly state that the entire performance’s fate is already preconceived. So you should not expect to go into the imagination of your audience, as you can just tell about the likelihood of their decisions during your performance. If you want to learn mentalism from a reliable source, then you should definitely check out the website of Mentalism Pro.

During the initial period of this journey many beginners think that would become like David Blaine or Criss Angel, but that’s far from truth. So you should always think reasonably and give yourself enough room to commit mistakes during your early learning days. It might appear bland and boring to some people because of its mathematical nature. So you have to remain consistent in order to master some of the most amazing mind reading skills.

Why a Bachelor Party is Important

Most people wait their whole lives for the moment where they would finally end up finding someone that they want to share their whole life with. If you have found someone and proposed to them, you should definitely start planning the wedding. There are plenty of areas in which you can spend money in order to make your wedding unique, interesting, exciting and overall a lot of fun for everyone involved. However, before the wedding itself you will need to try and throw an Epic bucks party for yourself as well.

A lot of people think that a party like this is not all that necessary in the long run, but the fact of the matter is that you need to have a fun party before your wedding so that you can bid your single life goodbye. Settling down changes a person, and marriage will give you a lot more responsibility than you had to deal with before you made this decision to change your life for the better. One final party can allow you to see the things that you are not going to take part in anymore, and will give you a sense of closure. In a lot of ways it will help you bid goodbye while you close a chapter of your life so that you can prepare to open a new one that you would be able to feel a much greater level of satisfaction in.

Skipping a bucks party is not going to leave you feeling very satisfied at all. You will feel like you missed out on something truly important. You should spend time with your friends and show them that you care in this last soiree that you will be enjoying with them at the end of the day.

Advantages of Using Snapchat For Marketing

In the earlier days that followed right after the launch of snapchat, it was considered to be a great way of connecting people by posting pictures and stories. Not only that, it was also a very convenient way of being close to the people you love. However, the trends have changed to quite an extent in the recent times and now snapchat is used more for the purpose of marketing than keeping up with your loved ones. There are a lot of bloggers and public figures who use it to keep a closer interaction with their fans.

If you have never thought about snapchat marketing agency, then you have been missing out because there is a lot that can be done. With that being said, following are some of the advantages of using snapchat for marketing, check them out below.

Better Engagement

You see, social media has proven to be one of the best ways of interacting with followers, fans and just for public figures in general. So if you want a better engagement on your other platform, you should start being active on snapchat. Because once you start mentioning things, people will head on over to your other platforms to check out your other works. Also, with snapchat, you can even add links in your snaps which direct the followers to whatever it is that you have been talking about.

Increased Following

Another benefit of having snapchat as a marketing tool is that it will help you in increasing your follower count on other platforms too. Now snapchat has ad features where you can find target audience. Once your snaps start to pop up in their feed, after a while they might subscribe and look into your other social media platforms as well.

Concerns That You Might Have About Chiropractic Care

The common notion about chiropractors is that if a person goes there once then they are messed up for life but the truth is the complete opposite of it. You can go to a chiropractic clinic for as long as you want and you can stop whenever it all depends upon you. Chiropractic treatment would not have adverse effects on your life but the key is to find a good and professional chiropractor that has taken training from the best institutions and has a professional work method and ethics.

If you are unaware of how chiropractors operate then you should visit https://absoluterehabcentre.com/waterloo-chiropractic as that will give you a lot of information and answer all your questions. There are a lot of common misconceptions or worries about chiropractic care that people generally have and that is what we are here to discuss.

Available For All

The one thing that you need to know about chiropractic care is that it is available and there is no age limit for it. Chiropractic care can be applied to any individual as any person can have adjustment issues that they might need working on.

Unique Treatment

The treatment will depend upon your need and problems. No treatment is the same for two people so when you will visit your chiropractor, you will notice that they will tailor the treatment according to the concern or complaint that you have.


Often people think that they can leave their chiropractic treatment as soon as their pain disappears but the truth is that pain might go away but the real problem persists. The disappearance of pain is just the superficial symptom which is why you should not leave the treatment and continue till your chiropractor ends your treatment as that would be the proper way to go.

Looking For a Talented Deck Builder?

Whether you like having BBQ with your friends on the weekend or want to have coffee with your family members in the outset space, constructing a deck outside the main building can be very beneficial for you. It is not only the aesthetic appeal that makes it a perfect home addition but also its functionality which is highly diverse. This way it would be very easy for you to keep your guests entertained and make memorable moments with them. Depending upon the surface area of land covered by your residential property, you would also be able to boost the outdoor living space. Rather than having a fully enclosed area, installing a deck outside your house gives you the freedom that you have always desired for. Before hiring a professional builder in your area you need to evaluate various factors such as consideration of the construction site, your current budget, and the material used in this installation of the deck.

Your deck should not swamp your lawn or any exterior grounds, so you have to choose its permanent location very carefully. Depending upon the way you want to access your property, you need to decide its strategic placement. Having it outside the back door might not be a good idea, as that would lead all the traffic towards the kitchen portion of your house. Make sure to visit the webpage at https://www.southernmarylanddeckbuilders.com to find the best deck options.

Having your home properly inspected before the installment of deck is highly advisable as that would make it more desirable for potential buyers and purchasers. From spaces between railings to height of the deck from the ground, you need to finalize all of its dimensions accordingly to your needs so that the wooden structure comes in handy for you.

Making Sure Your New House is Functional

The great thing about owning your own home is that you will finally be able to do whatever you want to it. You will no longer have to worry about justifying any changes that you might want to make to a landlord who would not be willing to give you that level of control even though you are the person that is living in that particular place of residence, house of building. Buying a home is great, but you need to make sure that your home is functional as well.

Buying a fixer upper can allow you to save a great deal of money, but the truth is that you need to make a lot of investments in order to make your home as comfortable as possible for the various people that are going to living there including yourself as well as the people that are in your family along with other potential residents of your home such as relatives, friends and roommates. The first thing that you should be thinking about when you are getting your home ready for people to be able to live in it is fixing the various toilets of your home.

A functioning toilet is going to go a very long way indeed towards making your home livable. After all, people are not going to be able to spend much time in a place that does not have a toilet that they can use whenever they might want to relieve themselves in any significant manner. You should visit https://helloplumbing.com.au/ to find out how you can get your toilet repaired without having to think about the various other aspects of this particular task that you might not want to bear in mind simply because of the fact that you have other things that you need to handle.

An Easy Way to Prevent Pests From Entering Your Home

Cleaning your home is important for a lot of reasons. Not only is it essential to maintaining good health in the long run, you will also find that it will prevent pests from entering your home as well. Seeing a creepy crawly moving across your floor is going to be a very sickening sight, and it is not the sort of thing that would allow you to feel truly comfortable in the home that you are currently living in. This is why it is important for you to get your home thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis by trained professionals.

Your rugs are going to be a pretty popular place for insects and other kinds of pests to establish some kind of foothold in your home. A big reason for this being the case has to do with the way that insects spread around. They lay eggs and hide, both of which happen in places that are not all that visible to the naked eye. Any rug is going to have fibers that insects will be able to hide in as well as lay eggs in, and no amount of brushing is going to get rid of them.

To truly get rid of pests, you will have to invest in rug cleaning Mississauga. This will involve a chemical washing of your rug which will eliminate all existing pets and also get rid of any eggs that they might have laid in your home. It will turn your rug into a hostile environment for pets, thereby ensuring that you don’t have to worry about getting grossed out by them on a regular basis. This is an investment that will truly be worth it if you apply it the right way.

Here is Why You Should Choose a Vinyl Banner

When it comes to our businesses, we wish to attract the maximum amount of traffic to generate the maximum amount of profit whilst satisfying the customer. As we all are well aware, the invention of the Internet reduced the advertisement cost by a great deal as pamphlets became much easier to design and spread around. However, as it turns out, banners existing in physical locations also contribute a great deal in bringing in more customers.

When it comes to banners, businesses usually hang or install them out in the environment so that the people passing by can have a good look at it. This means that it becomes crucial for the banner to last long and survive the harsh environment. One of the materials which are celebrated in terms of being long-lasting is Vinyl. Vinyl banners are quite beneficial. Moreover, some companies can even print a vinyl banner for you in a day like, 1DayBanner.com allowing you to start your advertisement as quickly as possible.

When we talk about vinyl banners, most people believe that they won’t be much different than regular banners. However, that is untrue. Following are some of the great benefits that you can experience through the use of vinyl banners:


Living in this age, we search for ways which would require us to invest in less and gain maximum profit. Vinyl banners are perfect for this as they are quite cheap. Moreover, some companies print cheaper vinyl banners as compared to the next.


The quality of a banner being cost-effective would come forward as useless if the banner itself wasn’t long-lasting and would require the person to keep on investing in new banners. Thus, you’ll be happy to know that vinyl banners are quite versatile as well, i.e. they last longer and can withstand horrible weather easily.

Out on The Streets

Las Vegas is the place to be if you know where to go. There are amazing clubs for all kinds of parties all over the place, the restaurants have some of the best food in the world, definitely a few delicacy’s at least for you to try out and the shopping is unlike any other place. Even if you thought you could walk from one mall to another on paper, you’ll think a lot differently once you’re actually in Las Vegas. The deal with the place is that there is so much to do that if you don’t plan your attack ahead of time, you’ll fee unsatisfied thinking that there were so many other things you could do.

And yet you did not do all the things you would have thought you could. When you have a lot of choices but a limited about of time to stay in Las Vegas, it can get overwhelming trying to figure out what would be the worthiest of your time. Which restaurants to go to, which malls to check out and what shows to attend. The shows especially can be something else entirely and you definitely need to check them out before you go.

But like mentioned before, if you just go to see any show you might not have as great of a time as you would have if you had done something like search Vegas shows at CheapoTicketing.com. You can get tickets at a cheaper rate and also see what some of the Las Vegas shows have to offer you. Watch out for people trying to get some extra cash out of you though, in many places you’ll find people dressed up as a variety of characters but taking a picture with them means that they are going to expect payment.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress

For the longest time, people thought that their only options when it came to things like mattresses were foam mattresses and spring mattresses. However, a new development has made it so that hybrid mattresses are becoming a lot more popular as well, and the fact of the matter is that these mattresses have the potential to completely change the way you approach certain aspects of your sleep schedule. The relaxation that you can get from these kinds of mattresses is truly beyond compare, and it can allow you to incorporate a wider variety of comforts into your lifestyle overall.

The main benefit that a hybrid mattress can give you is the very best in lumbar support. This is one of the most important aspect of mattresses in general, and it has the potential to impact your overall health as well. While both foam mattresses as well as spring mattresses tend to be worth the price that you might be thinking of paying them, the fact of the matter is that when you have something that combines the best of both worlds, you will finally be able to enjoy all of the benefits that might have previously seemed like they were completely out of your reach.

Suffice it to say that you are going to get an excellent night’s rest when you are using a hybrid mattress, and after some time you are going to find that the level of comfort that you are enjoying is allowing you to feel a lot happier in your life. You will find a lot more motivation to do things that you might have put off previously, and all in all you are going to adopt the sort of lifestyle that you would find to be truly sustainable in the long run.

A Great Tech Business to Get Into

Whenever you think about the world of tech, you tend to think about businesses that invest in the software side of things. These businesses tend to be looked upon as trailblazers, people that are creating new avenues in which people would be able to define the various technologies that govern our lives on a day to day basis. However, one aspect of the world of tech that people often end up forgetting about is the world of hardware

The fact of the matter is that when you have software, it is more or less useless until and unless you have some kind of hardware that you would be able to insert that software into. If you want to be able to make the most of your software you need your hardware to be fully compatible with whatever it is that your program is designed to do, otherwise you are going to face quite a bit of difficulty in trying to establish some kind of legitimate name for yourself in the world of technology.

That being said, it might be a little difficult for you to ascertain specifically which area of tech you should think about going into at the end of the day. One of the best areas that you can look into without a doubt is wholesale computers. This is because of the fact that pretty much everyone out there still prefers to use a computer of some sort. What this means is that they are willing to spend money on these computers as well, and this is where you can come in. You can provide people a service that would allow them to truly make the most of their purchases, thereby contributing to the world of tech in a really meaningful way.

Sam Pearce BBC Breakfast interview

Sam Pearce of the multi-award winning Eastthorpe Hall and The Potting Shed Spa talks to BBC Breakfast about the importance of customer service.

Don’t Forget the Pancakes….

As you may have noticed, there’s a very special day coming up soon,.. an annual celebration, special to the hearts of folk across the nation. No not Valentines Day, Valentines Day is stupid. This is something way more important, something much more worthy of celebrating,… something a lot tastier!

I do have a terrible confession though. Much as I love pancakes,.. I can’t make them. I do ok with pretty much every other kind of cake… but my pancake attempts are always horrific. So much so that I invariably make an excuse to visit my dad on pancake day, so I can bury myself in his perfectly round, perfectly light, perfectly treacle-covered creations!

There’s nothing more likely to encourage me to practice, practice, practice like a new kitchen gadget though, and I was determined to hone my pancake-making skills in good time for this years big day!

The Breville Traditional Crepe Maker is actually brilliant for idiots like me that can’t work their way around a simple frying pan. The crepe maker is essentially a heated non-stick plate, with a small rim so that -in most cases! – you can contain the pancake batter in a tidy fashion. It also comes with a wooden ‘t-stick’ spreader for full and even coverage across the plate. Just pour the pancake mix onto the heated plate and leave to cook for a couple of minutes before flipping over to cook on the other side.

I know that if I can manage this, there should be no good reason why I cant do exactly the same thing in a frying pan. But I can’t. I don’t know if its the pressure of being expected to do fancy flips or what, but I’ve never managed to make a half way decent looking pancake before. Just a couple of practice runs on this and I had things that actually looked and tasted like pancakes!

Once I’d managed the perfect pancake (or, if not quite perfect yet – at least cooked and round-ish), ’twas time to top it. I’m usually a golden syrup girl through and through but I’d got through so much of the stuff on my ‘practice rounds’ that I just couldn’t face anymore – so out came the gorgeous lemon squeezer and sugar shaker from the At Home with Ashley Thomas range (available at Debenhams).

There’s a lot more that can be made with the Breville Crepe maker than just pancakes – it comes with a recipe book full of great omelette suggestions, and I have all my ingredients ready for tonight’s quesadillas – but mainly I’m just overjoyed at the prospect of putting together a great pancake feast on Tuesday for the kids (from whom I like to believe I’ve so far kept my shameful failures a secret!)

Now I just need all your best filling ideas!

*Items provided free of charge to help me develop basic life skills.

Milkshakes and Waffles at Rakkaposhi, Bradford

As a sweet lover, it’s not escaped my attention that new dessert cafes and ice cream parlours are popping up in Bradford faster than I can count. As a ‘responsible parent’, on the other hand, it’s not often I can justify going our for just dessert. On occasion,… exceptions have to be made!

Despite the near limitless choice for such tasty treats in my hometown these days, ’twas Rakkaposhi that we headed to for refreshment. Not only had they been tempting my with photos of their amazing milkshakes on twitter all week, but it’s conveniently located just behind Cineworld, making it an easy post-movie stop off! (Only a stones throw from the Broadway shopping centre too, for refuelling after those exhausting shopping trips!)

The place is a sugar-lovers dream, with very little in the way of ‘real’ food to speak of – no sandwiches, no chips, not a toastie in sight. Instead the menu is full of thick creamy milkshakes, luxurious sounding ice cream sundaes and generously topped waffles. The closest thing they have to ‘savoury’ on there is the range of herbal teas!

And while I’m not usually one to turn down tea, it’s the milkshakes that had got me excited about my visit so it was naturally where I looked first – quickly settling on a ‘Billionaire Shake’ made up of Ferrero Rocher and stracciatella ice creams, Ferrero Rocher chunks, milk chocolate and caramel sauces, and topped with a very healthy (or unhealthy, depending on which way you look at it) serving of cream and hazelnut sprinkles!

It was every bit as delicious and indulgent as it sounds, and worked perfectly as a refreshing beverage and decadent dessert – it would definitely been a struggle to finish this alongside anything else on the menu!

Thankfully my young companion was more than willing to ‘take one for the team’ and eyed up the arriving waffle with glee! No wonder either, the piles of fresh cream, mini marshmallows, chocolate sauce and pretty sprinkles would surely appeal to the child in all of us. Now, I know I just said that I’d have struggled to finish a full dessert along with my milkshake, but there’s always room for ‘testers’, and I did have to have a little forkful to report back on the dense, gooey texture of this unusual but delicious waffle (handmade in store!) Just a forkful though!

As well as it’s handy location, Rakkaposhi is open late (’til midnight on Friday and Saturday, 10pm other nights) making it so much easier to find a time to visit! You can find the full menu on their webpage, and can follow them on twitter here, but make sure you are prepared for the mouth-watering pictures you may find!

The Potting Shed Spa

If you saw Hayley’s review on Tea Party Beauty last week, then you’ll already be aware of, and excited about, The Potting Shed Spa. Even before Hayley’s post went up I’d been won over by her cute twitter pictures and warm words of praise and was eager to check out the adorable looking gardening-themed spa for myself. After a particularly traumatic morning at work I threw myself at their mercy and they kindly managed to squeeze me in last week!

I was more in need of an hour of quiet and relaxation than I was any particular treatment so allowed myself to be guided in the direction of the Deluxe Pedicure – an hours worth of soaking, filing, massaging and polishing for my feet, with a bonus scalp massage – sounded perfect!

I arrived at the spa in Batley, West Yorkshire ready for my appointment, and was so excited to have a good look around – this place is amazing, stunning, beautiful, extraordinary… there’s just not enough words! Instead of cold and sterile, like I imagine many spas to be, this place was so welcoming, so warm and cosy that I felt right at home in no time. To aid my general feeling of well-being, I was swiftly offered a cup of tea – always a good thing to happen – and soon found myself in my comfy, hot-water-bottles chair with a hot mug of The Potting Shed’s signature lemon ginger and honey tea. It’d be worth a return visit just for this sweet and soothing concoction!

I was pointed in the right direction of an impressively huge collection of available polishes. I’m useless so forgot to actually take note of my selected shade but it was a lovely shiny purpley Essie polish that’s still looking shiny and new a good week and a bit later!

The manicure was exquisite – the lovely therapist even managed to work around my ticklish toes without getting cross with me for squirming (or if she did, she hid it well!), she was an absolute gem and I wanted to take her home, especially when she did my scalp massage, oh my, it was heaven!

I never wanted it to be time to leave, so it was really nice that after my hour was up I didn’t have to vacate my cosy seat straight away, I had time to ‘come round’ a bit into the real world and let my prettily painted tootsies dry off. It was nice to not feel like I was being booted out once my paid-for time over was up – just another small addition to the welcoming and relaxing atmosphere of the place.

Still reluctant to be on my way, I gratefully accepted a mini-tour around the rest of the spa – a quick peek into the treatment rooms has definitely increased my interest in spending some quality time in one on my next visit (because there will be a next visit!). In fact there are so many amazing sounding treatments that it’s hard to know what I want next – you can see their treatment list here and I’m sure you’ll be able to understand the conflict I have! Plus how cute are some of the treatment names and descriptions? They make the, er… ‘landscaping’ of the ‘lady garden’ sound as pleasant and painless as tea on the lawn!

It’s these cute details, as well as the care and attention that has gone into the design and decoration of The Potting Shed spa that make it such a unique and special place. And something this unique and special is bound to gather a great deal of attention, as demonstrated by the large amount of awards this place has picked up. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and if you look at it that way I suppose you could argue that the owner of this fab little place should be pleased that it appears competitors are,… well, we’ll go with ‘borrowing heavily from their aesthetic’ (though I’m not sure how welcome this form of flattery is!), but while people can replicate an idea or a look, that passion to create something original and new is not something that can be faked or forced. It’s that passion, that deep desire to provide a really special and unique experience, rather than the gnomes and watering cans, that really make The Potting Shed Spa the outstanding place that it is. Though I do also really like the gnomes. . .

I definitely plan to get back here as soon as possible – next time I just want to book in for the whole day but I’m not sure that’s even vaguely practical! I’m sure the odd hour two will go down nicely though!

You can say hello on twitter and on facebook, and any other details you might want -including a handy online booking system – on the website. If you are anywhere nearby though, I definitely recommend getting yourself booked in as soon as possible!

The Judges Lodgings, York

Last year, on one of my ventures into York, we’d called into Judges Lodgings for food and had been very impressed with the delicious food as well as the cheery service and atmospheric venue.

It was with great sadness then that on my last few visits to the city The Judges Lodgings were closed for refurbishment.

But thankfully, refurbishments don’t take forever, and all the new works have been completed! I learnt that last weekend would not only give me my first opportunity to visit, but that to celebrate their grand re-opening there was also 50% off food! It was all the excuse I needed to head on over.

The place is looking lovely for its new makeover – not lost any of its old Yorkshire charm but is looking distinctly lighter and brighter. Little miss was hugely impressed with the doggy cushions and I think one or two of these from empty tables might have found their way to our seating area (apologies to whoever had to put these back in the right place after we left!)

A selection of board games was a nice touch, giving the kids (and adults!) plenty of distracting entertainment while we waited for our food. A very tense connect four tournament ensued!

We visited on a Sunday which was a smooth move as it meant a Sunday Roast was available in addition to the regular menu items. I couldn’t resist the pull of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, and ordered myself one of these. It was completely amazing. The beef was up there with the best I’ve ever had – so juicy and tender, it was an absolute joy. The crispy-on-the-outside-fluffy-on-the-inside roast potatoes were just as impressive, and I don’t think I’ve ever meat a Yorkshire pudding I didn’t enjoy!

Little miss got a kids version of the roast dinner (though it came with a full-sized Yorkshire pudding that she refused to share!) and we got a generous amount of vegetables to share between us. I didn’t get a look in with the cauliflower cheese as the kids devoured it between them in no time. I was left all the green beans though!

Being newly-opened, they hadn’t quite got their children’s menu organised when we called in, but were happy to provide child-size portions of any of the main menu dishes. Little miss polished off all her dinner in no time, and the little fella seemed to enjoy his fish and chips just as much. We also had a adult-sized gammon which I am assured was amazing too!

I’m always excited by dessert though, and after everyone I was with quickly declared they were having the Sticky Toffee Pudding I thought I’d be the odd one out and try something different. In the end it had to be the Strawberry Daiquiri Eton Mess – strawberries infused with Bacardi and lime with meringue and whipped cream. Once again, amazing. It was so sweet and creamy that I struggled to finish it all – but somehow I soldiered on! It was very special and delicious!

I can gather from the smiling faces and empty bowls that the sticky toffee pudding went down very well too!

I’m really glad to have this place back on York’s food scene. They also offer rooms if anyone is looking for somewhere to stay in York, it’s right in the center and I can only imagine how good the included breakfast would be!

The Judges Lodgings is one of Thwaites Inns Of Character – you can find details of their other inns here, and I’ll look forward to visiting some of the others in the future if any of this one is anything to go by!